Ozzy Osbourne will be sad to see his daughteR Kelly get married.

The Black Sabbath rocker fears the 24-year-old TV presenter will rush into tying the knot with her fiance Luke Worrall.

He said: "I would be disappointed if she said to me, 'Dad, I went to Vegas last weekend and got married.' And that would be for no other reason than I want to walk her down the aisle. It is every father's dream.

"These registry-office marriages are a f***ing joke.

"If she gets married it will be a sad day for me, and if they break up, Kelly will be terribly sad."

Although Ozzy approves of Kelly's romance with 19-year-old Luke, he doesn't think the model is mature enough to be a good husband yet.

The 60-year-old musician explained: "I quite like Luke, I don't know about him being my son-in-law right now, but he is a nice kid. Kelly adores him."