Ozzy and bandmates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler are currently on the road playing their final Black Sabbath dates as part of The End tour, which concludes in the trio's native Birmingham, England in February (17), and the frontman couldn't be happier closing out the group's history this way.

He admits the threesome are all friends again after financial wrangles and management disputes turned them against each other - and led to Iommi firing Ozzy in 1979.

The rocker admits he would have asked himself to leave the band if he was the guitarist.

"Tony was right when he said I wasn't really into it anymore," Osbourne tells Rolling Stone magazine. "When you write something with someone and it becomes a f**king burden rather than an achievement because of the fact that most of our royalties were going to pay our legal fees..."

And Ozzy regrets having to spend so long fighting for his rights: "We were young kids. We formed a band. We got successful and the manager ran off with the f**king money. We didn't start playing music to be accountants. We should have.

"For those 10 years we were together originally, we learned as we went along. At the end of the 10 years, I was f**king insane. We started fighting our manager. Then we fought the lawyers. In the end, we were fighting each other. I had to get out."