Rock veteran Ozzy Osbourne has an enormous unfinished tattoo on his arm after deciding he was too old for inkings halfway through a session.

The Black Sabbath frontman was a big fan of body art in his younger years, and during his fifties he decided to get his entire right arm covered with a 'sleeve' tattoo.

However, the embarrassed star began to feel his age during the inking and ordered the tattooist to stop, and now he is happy to spend the rest of his life with a half-finished image on his arm.

Osbourne tells Q magazine, "On my right arm I was going to have a sleeve and it's half-done. When I was sober I said to myself, 'Why am I doing this?' I was in my 50s, I think, and I've got this f**king guy drawing on my arm. When he got to the elbow I went, 'You know what? Stop.' He said, 'It's not finished'. For me it is. This is over. I haven't had once since."