Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has slammed British TV talent show The X Factor for "murdering music" - despite his fact his wife SHARON is a judge on the programme.

The rock matriarch and music moguls Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh judge and mentor talented young hopefuls, but Ozzy insists they are wasting their time and killing the UK music scene in the process.

He says, "They never go anywhere. Look at that STEVE (BROOKSTEIN) from last year. I think he's back doing the pub circuit.

"X Factor is one big theatre, it's turning music into WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

"It's about killing music to make light entertainment. It should be about music and talent but it's not.

"It's all fine and dandy, I'm all for it if they enjoy it. But it's got to have some effect on them if they end up not pursuing a musical career and going back to the same milkman job or window cleaning job."