Ozzy Osbourne's hair caught fire because of an unattended candle.

The rock legend suffered a painful burn that left him with a ''very weird haircut'' in December 2012 after his wife Sharon Osbourne left a candle - which was a Christmas gift from former 'America's Got Talent' judge Howard Stern - burning overnight at their Los Angeles home, causing their living room to burst into flames.

Sharon recalled: ''I go to bed and I did know the candle was lit but I'm thinking it's like two in the morning, I'll be up at six, no biggie ... So I left it on. Then at five, we hear this glass smashing.''

Although Sharon, 60, initially thought the strange sound was due to a burglar, the couple were put on high alert as their fire alarm blared and they rushed downstairs to discover a blaze had broken out.

During an appearance on talk show 'Conan', she explained: ''We go downstairs and the whole table is on fire. It was one of those soft, oily candles and the container had burst - the glass - and so all the oil had run down the side of the table onto the carpet so it's ablaze.''

The 64-year-old rocker tried to valiantly put out the flames - but instead found himself in a dangerous predicament.

The 'X Factor' judge - who is living with the musician again after a brief time apart because of his relapse into drink and drug abuse -said: ''Ozzy had had surgery on his hand that day, so he had this sling on that was attached to his neck. He goes, 'I'll put it out.' As he's doing that his hair catches on fire! So Ozzy's hair was burned and his little cheeks.

''He had this very weird haircut for a while but it's getting better now. It was like a mullet - business at the front and party at the back.''