Ward, who did not take part in the group's 2012 reunion, hit headlines earlier this week (beg13Apr15) when he shared a message to Osbourne in which he asked the frontman to say sorry for his public criticisms in a bid to mend their friendship.

However, Osbourne has now hit back and refused to take back his previous comments about Ward's drumming ability, insisting the band was right to hit the road for a world tour without him.

In a message posted on his Facebook.com page, Osbourne writes, "Wow, Bill, what the f**k are you on about? I cannot apologise for comments or opinions I may have made about you in the press during Sabbath's 13 album and tour - physically, you knew you were f**ked. (We) didn't think you could have done a two-hour set with a drum solo every night, so we made the decision to move on... Let's be honest. Deep down inside, you knew you weren't capable of doing the album and a 16-month tour.

"Unfortunately for you, our instincts were correct as you were in hospital several times during 2013. Your last hospitalisation was for a shoulder surgery that you now say you've only just recovered from. This would have meant that our world tour would have been cancelled. So how is all of this my fault? Stop playing the victim and be honest with yourself and our fans.

"Bill, we go back a long way, let's stop this now before it gets out of hand. God bless you. Love, Ozzy."