Ozzy Osbourne has slammed American Idol judge Simon Cowell for callously mocking his near-fatal quadbike injuries as a publicity stunt.

Acid-tongued Cowell and Ozzy's wife SHARON have been sniping at each other since becoming fellow judges on British reality TV show The X Factor last year (04) - and now the Black Sabbath frontman has joined in the feud.

Ozzy's 2003 quadbike accident left the rocker with six broken ribs, a fractured collarbone and a damaged neck vertebra - yet Cowell believed it was faked to promote chart-topping duet CHANGES with daughter KELLY.

He says, "When I fell off my quad bike and they had to massage my heart to bring me back to life, he apparently said something about it being a publicity stunt. Does he really believe that stuff?

"I met Simon Cowell once and he seemed OK. He's not the slimebag that everyone makes out. So I think it might be like the wrestling, and none of these f**kers are for real."

14/03/2005 09:54