Officials in the U.K. have given Ozzy Osbourne permission to remove a colony of bats from his home following a long fight over the protected creatures.

Osbourne, who famously bit the head off a live bat during a show in 1982, was convinced the animals got their revenge on him by moving into a barn at his mansion in Buckinghamshire, England and scuppering his plans to renovate the building.

Officials at Chiltern District Council refused Osbourne planning permission to convert the barn because of the bat colony, but the Black Sabbath star refused to give up the fight and he has now been granted permission to remove the protected pipistrelles.

Osbourne needs to obtain a licence to move the bats and spend $29,600 (£18,500) on making sure the creatures are safely rehoused.

A spokesperson for Chiltern District Council says, "A licence will be necessary to undertake any disturbance to, damage of or destruction of bat roosts. It is an offence to intentionally or recklessly injure, take or kill a bat."