Ozzy Osbourne is healthier than ever.

The 69-year-old rocker has battled drink and drug addiction in the past but he's been sober for five years and is taking care of his body by exercising regularly.

Discussing his upcoming 70th birthday in December, he said: ''It's only a number and I don't know how a 70-year-old person is supposed to act but I feel better at 70 than I did at 50.

''I've been clean and sober for five years now. I work out every day.

''One specification in my rider to hotels is that I have a piece of apparatus in my room, an elliptical cross trainer. I can just get out of bed and work out. I love it!

''I'm not trying to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger you know, just trying to keep my heart healthy.

''It's so nice when my doctor goes, 'Wow! You've got the heart of a 21 year old' . . . even if I have got the brain of an older person!''

At the height of his wild partying, the 'Paranoid' singer was convinced he'd be dead before the age of 40 - but once he neared that milestone, he was determined to live longer.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Nearly all the people I used to go out with to get loaded or drunk are dead.

''When I was 21, I'd go, 'Oh, I'm gonna be dead by the time I'm 40', and that was all right till I was 39 and three quarters. Then I thought I should extend my life a bit.''

The former Black Sabbath frontman - who has three children from his first marriage and three with wife Sharon - has been left saddened by the deaths of many musicians around his own age in recent years.

He said: ''Bowie died, Prince died, George Michael died, Lemmy died.

''Funnily enough, I was just listening to Bowie on my iPod while I'm sitting here and doing my little paintings.

''Bowie was out of this world for me. I loved his early stuff, Ziggy Stardust etc.

''And Lemmy was such a great lyricist for me. You'd look at him and think he was just a yob but he was a very well read and educated man. I once lent Lemmy a book about some Nazi or someone and, at the same time, asked him to write the words for some songs. I thought he'd need a week but he came back in a few hours and said the book was f***ing rubbish and that he'd completed three sets of lyrics.''