Ozzy Osbourne thought he was going to die after battling multiple different ailments throughout 2019.

The Black Sabbath rocker was hospitalised with pneumonia at the beginning of this year, and shortly afterwards suffered a fall at his LA home, which dislodged the metal rods in his spine that had been put in after a quad-bike accident in 2003.

And Ozzy says the fall led him to believe he was going to die, because he thought he was paralysed and knew the injuries were bad.

He said: ''I went to the bathroom in the night, lost my balance and landed flat on my face. I saw this big white flash when I hit the floor and I thought, 'You've finally done it now. I knew it was bad, I thought I was paralysed, so very calmly I said, 'Sharon, I can't move. I think I've done my neck. Phone an ambulance.' ''

The 70-year-old musician underwent three separate operations that left him in hospital for three months.

Ozzy was in ''constant'' pain, and even believed his wife Sharon Osbourne was lying to him when she said he wasn't going to die.

He added: ''The pain is constant. The first six months I was in agony. I'd say, 'Sharon - you're not telling me the truth. I'm dying, aren't I?' I thought I'd got some terminal illness because the improvement was so slow.

''I'm getting better, but after the surgery the nurses asked me on a scale of one to ten how much pain I was in, and I said, '55!' Six months of waking up in the morning and being unable to move is a miserable existence.''

Thankfully the 'War Pigs' hitmaker is on the mend following his scary year, but he's joked he already has his funeral planned.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper's Weekend magazine, he said: ''I've cheated death many times and I've got away with it for years, yet since I hit 70 everything's happened. But then I thought I'd be dead by 40, so I've still got a few of my nine lives yet.

''When I die and they're nailing the lid on my coffin,' he says, 'I'm thinking of having them play a recording of my voice at the service, shouting, 'I'm not dead yet!' That'll scare them!''