Ozzy Osbourne is now being rumored to be suffering from a health scare, as if the family weren't rocked badly enough by news that Jack Osbourne was suffering from multiple sclerosis. E! Online reports that Oz is giving his voice a break with a rep telling them that the veteran metal star had cancelled a show in Mannheim, Germany because of "vocal concerns".
However, the rep did go on to say that Osbourne had nothing wrong with his health. Earlier this week, the family reacted to news of Jack's MS, with Ozzy commenting "I was very sad and totally in shock, [but] I've got to tell you, he's handled it much better than I would have. He's a very strong kid", reports People magazine.
MS affects the central nervous system, which means that the brain, eyes and spine can be damaged. Jack lost 60 per cent of the vision in his right eye, however it has since improved and he's now adopting a healthier regime to try and combat the disease for which there is no known cure. He was sounding upbeat about the whole thing, stating "It's just one of those things you take as it comes, it's all about your outlook."