Ozzy Osbourne says 2019 was the ''longest, most painful and miserable'' year of his life.

The Black Sabbath hitmaker had a nasty accident at the beginning of the year and was forced to postpone his band's tour as a result and undergo a tough year of rehabilitation.

Speaking in an interview with ABC News that aired on Good Morning America, he admitted: ''It was the worst, longest, most painful, miserable year of my life. When I had the fall it was pitch black, I went to the bathroom and I fell. I just fell and landed like a slam on the floor and I remember lying there thinking, 'Well, you've done it now,' really calm. Sharon called an ambulance. After that it was all downhill. It wasn't really a problem for a while. I never noticed any different. Sharon was saying, 'Are you okay? You seem different.'''

Ozzy previously confessed he thought he was going to die after battling multiple different ailments, because he thought he was paralysed after his awful fall.

He said: ''I went to the bathroom in the night, lost my balance and landed flat on my face. I saw this big white flash when I hit the floor and I thought, 'You've finally done it now. I knew it was bad, I thought I was paralysed, so very calmly I said, 'Sharon, I can't move. I think I've done my neck. Phone an ambulance.' The pain is constant. The first six months I was in agony. I'd say, 'Sharon - you're not telling me the truth. I'm dying, aren't I?' I thought I'd got some terminal illness because the improvement was so slow. I'm getting better, but after the surgery the nurses asked me on a scale of one to ten how much pain I was in, and I said, '55!' Six months of waking up and being unable to move is a miserable existence.''