Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was terrified he's wake up next to his wife SHARON's dead body, during her battle with colon cancer.

The former BLACK SABBATH star says the shock and stress of Sharon's illness drove him back to drink after a successful spell of sobriety.

Ozzy was touring America with his festival Ozzfest while his wife and manager was undergoing chemotherapy last year (02) - and he admits his anger and fear that she wouldn't make it through the tough treatment meant he found it hard to even sleep in the same bed when he came home.

He says, "I wanted to be with her but she'd come home so f***ed up and ill, I was terrified of waking up to a dead body. She's opiate-allergic. She couldn't have morphine so she went through the whole thing with the pain.

"You get angry at God, at everybody. One time I was in the hospital and shouting at a doctor, 'Look, if she goes, you're f***ing following!'"

But Ozzy's dependence on drink was given short shrift by his formidable wife, who temporarily left the family home in April (03) when she found him in a drunken stupor - giving him the kick needed to get back into sobriety.

Ozzy recalls, "Something left me. I felt relieved. I've been on and off drugs and alcohol so many times I felt like a f***ing fiddler's elbow, but I can honestly say today that I'm done."

16/10/2003 17:27