Hellraiser rocker Ozzy Osbourne has successfully lasted six months without alcohol or drugs.

The former BLACK SABBATH star, who has long battled addictions to both substances, appeared on American TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD to reveal he is "clean" after a 12-step programme.

He said, "Today I'm pleased to announce that I'm six months free of recreational drugs and alcohol."

Osbourne says he was often so inebriated during shooting on the family's hit MTV reality show The Osbournes, he can't remember many of the interviews he gave: "I could barely stand up. I was lumbering about like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I got to the point at night where I was scared to close my eyes, afraid I might not wake up.

"Now I'm going to these meetings I'm back on track."

22/10/2004 14:16