Rock wildman Ozzy Osbourne is finding life tough after his horrific quad bike crash in December (03) - because wife SHARON refuses to have sex with him.

The former BLACK SABBATH star, 55, is unable to persuade his wife to share moments of passion with him as she's afraid she'll only hurt him more.

Sharon, 51 - who is also his manager - is concerned Ozzy is still too weak to cope with any sexual shenanigans and is ignoring his desperate pleas.

She says, "My husband is a bloody nutter. He wanted sex the week he came out of hospital.

"I was like, 'Are you f***ing nuts? I hurt just looking at you.'

"Can you imagine humping someone with a great big metal neck brace and his arm in a sling?

"I was scared even to touch him. He had eight broken ribs, a broken neck and has a metal bar for a collarbone. He's out of his mind."

09/02/2004 13:55