Ozzy Osbourne's relationship with wife SHARON was nearly over before it started - because the wild rocker kept calling her by his then-spouse's name.

The Black Sabbath frontman learned very early on that Sharon was his soulmate, but unfortunately his relentless dug intake played havoc with their interaction at the beginning.

Osbourne remembers the first time Sharon set her sights on him during the heady 1970s: "I was always attracted to Sharon.

"One time she was taking Gary Moore and his girlfriend to San Francisco for the weekend and she says to me, 'Do you wanna come too?'

"I thought, 'F**king hell, it's on!' But I got so f**ked up I couldn't find her room. So the magical deed didn't happen for a long while."

And when they finally came together again in 1980, he had to untangle himself from an existing relationship.

He recalls, "Like a f**ing idiot I was married already and kept calling Sharon by my first wife's name."

06/05/2005 19:15