Ozzy Osbourne has opted to forgive and forget his former Black Sabbath bandmates after they planned to hit the road with his replacement in the group - and call themselves Black Sabbath. Ozzy's manager wife Sharon got tough with rockers Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, who sacked her husband and replaced him with Ronnie James Dio in the 1970s, and they agreed to hit the road under the moniker Heaven + Hell - the name of the album they recorded with Dio. But Ozzy, who has twice reunited with his Black Sabbath bandmates since he was fired, has now gone public with his best wishes for them as they tour without him. He says, "I have no axes to grind with them anymore. People keep saying, 'We all know they're really Black Sabbath but they're going out as Heaven + Hell.' "Hey, if they're having fun, who am I to say no? I don't hate anyone. I mean, Ronnie James Dio is a great singer. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't p**sed off when I got fired from Black Sabbath; I thought my career was over."