Rocker Ozzy Osbourne's elder sister claims he deserved to be burgled, as payback for the similar crimes he committed in his youth.

GILLIAN HEMMING, 59, says Ozzy's teenage past came back to haunt him when his Buckinghamshire mansion was hit by a $3.6 million (GBP2 million) raid last week (22NOV04).

When he was 17-years-old, former Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy - real name JOHN MICHAEL OSBOURNE - served a two month prison sentence for breaking into a clothes shop in Birmingham, England and stealing women's stockings.

Hemming says,"The stockings he took were only worth a few quid and his burglary cost him GBP2 million.

"He's paid for it now, hasn't he? It's like bad karma."

28/11/2004 14:50