BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne has slammed critics of his wife SHARON's look pre-plastic surgery, insisting he has always loved what's on her inside.

Osbourne insists he had no desire for a sexy trophy wife because, when he met Sharon, he knew he had found his soulmate and he highlights their long-lasting marriage as proof that he made the right decision.

He says, "I just loved her. I love to hear her laugh; she's got the best laugh - it's just infectious.

"Whether my wife is the size of this house or as skinny as Twiggy's left leg, it's the person I love, not the look.

"People must have gone, 'What does Ozzy Osbourne see in an overweight girl? Why hasn't he got some floozy; a blonde like a Rod Stewart kind of wife?'

"But there you've got the answer to the question. How many times have I been married and how many times have other people been married?"