Plans for rock legend Ozzy Osbourne to perform a free comeback gig in London's Trafalgar Square this summer (04) have been rejected - amid fears that a boisterous crowd could destroy the landmark.

According to London's EVENING STANDARD newspaper, Ozzy - who is recovering following a horrific quad bike crash last month (DEC03) - has been deemed "unsuitable" by tourism chiefs, who worry that the former Black Sabbath rocker's fans would wreak havoc on the Square and cause a policing nightmare.

VISIT LONDON's chief executive DAVID CAMPBELL says, "He attracts an audience that may be harder to control and harder to take care of. Different kinds of music will attract different kinds of audiences. A slightly "heavier metal" will attract a younger group.

"You need to get the right kind of artists in there. You can't get such a large artist that they will create security problems in the area. You need a crowd to be well behaved."

Last year (03) singer David Gray performed to a 12,000-strong crowd in Trafalgar Square in a bid to attract tourism to the English capital.

08/01/2004 17:17