Ozzy Osbourne has returned to America as he continues to recover from a pre-Christmas (03) quad bike crash that left him fighting for his life.

The rocker is now recuperating at the Osbourne family home in Beverly Hills, California with his wife SHARON, who hosts a daily chat show in America.

And while Sharon is glad she can see her husband on a daily basis, she has been dismayed to see how much pain the 55-year-old is in.

Sharon says, "I am so happy he's home I can't begin to tell you, but my poor husband is in so much agony, still in so much pain, he couldn't sleep all night.

"He's got this metal rod... instead of a collarbone now. He's not allowed to lift his arm up... because it moves the collarbone and they're scared that until this rod actually sets in, that it might pop out.

"So I look over at my husband and he's lying in bed... (with) both arms up! I'm like, 'What are you doing? Get your arms down!' And he goes, 'I keep forgetting!'"

19/01/2004 00:12