Ozzy Osbourne is shocked how easily his daughter KELLY was able to buy vast quantities of painkillers on the internet.

The Osbournes had a showdown with their daughter on Friday (02APR04) after a British tabloid revealed she was popping painkillers.

The pop star confessed to buying drugs online and her parents insisted she undergo a rehab course immediately - just like brother JACK did last year (03).

But her worried dad is still stunned with the amount of painkillers Kelly was able to pick up via the Internet.

He says, "In this day and age, the availability of getting drugs is incredible. You can get it online.

"In my day, you couldn't get it online, and thank God. I would have been dead if I could have gotten it online."

Ozzy believes his kids' drug problems are related to his own addictions.

He adds, "I believe it's a family illness. I am a drug addict. I think it's in the genes."

05/04/2004 09:13