Wild rocker Ozzy Osbourne is having a "nightmare" with bossy daughter KELLY, because the pair's rehearsal for an upcoming duet is being dogged by the teen singer's strong opinions on how the song should be performed.

The singing father and daughter duo are preparing to sing Black Sabbath's hit CHANGES on Sharon Osbourne's new chat show - but Ozzy is becoming exasperated with Kelly's diva-like antics.

A spy from the rehearsal studio says, "Ozzy is having a nightmare rehearsing with Kelly. It's not that she doesn't know the song, it's just that she wants to do everything her way. She thinks she's more in touch with what people want now.

"There's been a few rows with Ozzy shouting, 'It's my f***ing song', but he's promised Sharon they'll be ready."

12/10/2003 10:08