Veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his son JACK have served up a little good news in what has been a terrible few months for the TV family - because they're both winning their battles against addiction.

In the past four months, Ozzy almost killed himself in a quad bike crash (DEC03), Sharon Osbourne's American TV chat show has been cancelled (MAR04) and on Friday (02APR04), Kelly Osbourne checked into rehab after her parents discovered she has a drug problem.

But, despite all the bad news for rock's first family, Ozzy seems to have conquered his painkiller addiction after taking tablets to combat the agony of his pre-Christmas crash and his teenage son will celebrate a year of sobriety later this month (APR04).

Ozzy told CNN chat show host Larry King on Friday night (02APR04), "When I had the accident, I had to go on certain narcotics for the pain but I have someone hold my medication, and now I am down to like one pill a day. This Monday (05APR04), I will be off completely.

"I'm really proud of Jack. He's nearly got a year of sobriety."

05/04/2004 17:38