Ozzy Osbourne has thrilled Black Sabbath fans by reuniting with former bandmate GEEZER BUTLER on his summer (04) Ozzfest tour.

Butler has taken on bass duties for Osbourne's back up band following JOHN NICHOLSON's decision to quit the line-up.

And the reunion has fuelled speculation that a full Sabbath reunion could be in the works.

In a recent interview, Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi confirmed that an extensive Sabbath set at this year's Ozzfest could be a possibility.

He said, "I've heard that rumour as well, and there is negotiations at the moment.

"As yet, we've not reached a settlement, but there is talk about it. I think it's great, and I would've liked to have done it last year (03) and the year before (02), you know, but we didn't."

Meanwhile, JUDAS PRIEST star Rob Halford can't wait for the Sabbath reunion to be announced - because it would mean his group playing support to the legends all summer long.

Halford, who has signed up to play Ozzfest dates with Judas Priest, says, "I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it happened.

"My God, can you imagine Judas Priest and Black Sabbath? It's just too mad to think about."

02/04/2004 02:27