Ozzy Osbourne and his wife SHARON are planning to move back to their native England to live out their retirement - because they are growing tired of Hollywood.
The Black Sabbath star and his wife own a palatial home in Los Angeles, and split their time between the U.S. and Britain.
And Sharon reveals the couple will one day move back to the U.K. in a bid to escape the celebrity culture of Tinseltown.
She says, "Eventually Ozzy and I will come home, which is difficult because (son and daughter) Jack and Aimee don't want to live in England.
"This (Hollywood) is no place to grow old. In England they encourage you to live individually. Here everyone wants to live the same. In L.A. it's a crime to be fat. If you're a drug addict people feel sorry for you, but if you're fat you're a criminal."