Rock 'n' roll couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne insist they are responsible for the success other reality TV stars are now enjoying, because they created the template to the reality shows themselves. The family became hugely popular after agreeing to go before the cameras and film every detail of their lives in the reality TV series The Osbournes. Other celebrities have been inspired to develop their own shows, including Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. But Sharon claims The Osbournes is still the best reality series ever made, saying, "Ozzy single-handedly opened the door for all of these people who are doing reality TV now. We were the first, we're the best." Two of the couple's children, KELLY and JACK, came under intense media scrutiny during the show and have both had much-publicised battles with substance abuse. Sharon adds, "It affected the children, but look at what has happened to my children now - they're two great, healthy, strong, independent people. They're living a successful life. "So, ultimately it turned out great for them. There was good and bad, but let me tell you, there was more good."