Rock hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne steers clear of sunbeds - he once received severe burns when he fell asleep topping up his tan.
The former Black Sabbath frontman climbed on to a tanning machine at a salon to give his skin a golden glow, but dozed off and awoke hours later in agony.
In his column for Britain's Sunday Times Magazine, he writes, "Whatever you do... don't go to a tanning salon. I went into one of those joints once, turned the machine straight up to level 10, and passed out on the bed. I woke up a few hours later looking like I'd been hit by an atomic bomb.
"I was furious with myself for months, 'cos I could hardly walk - never mind smile, or bend over, or do anything that involved creasing even the tiniest part of my skin. I might as well have paid someone to throw me in a bath of acid."