Ozzy Osbourne's daughter KELLY vowed to kill herself if her mother SHARON lost her battle with cancer - because she couldn't bear to live without the family matriarch.
Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 and underwent rigorous treatment to rid herself of the deadly disease.
But while she was undergoing treatment, her family fell apart.
Kelly reveals her rocker dad Ozzy hit the booze and her brother Jack "went off the rails" and she also suffered, threatening to kill herself if Sharon didn't survive.
She says, "I was a mess. We all dealt with the news differently. Jack went off the rails. he hardly visited mum - he's terrified of hospitals. He just went out and got high. My dad lost it. He drank and drank. He thought the love of his life was going to die.
"I thought I'd kill myself if mum didn't make it. She was, and is, the centre of our universe."