Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are still so shaken after having their British country home burgled last year (22NOV04), they're recruiting a permanent housesitter.

Thieves snatched jewellery worth in excess of $3.8 million (GBP2 million) in a 4am raid on their Buckinghamshire, England, mansion.

Former BLACK SABBATH star Ozzy grappled with one of the raiders, but was unable to prevent him escaping.

Following their harrowing ordeal, Sharon is looking to shake up security by hiring a specialist to guard the $5.7 million (GBP3 million) property 24 hours a day.

A friend of the family says, "Sharon wants a housesitter but not just anyone. She wants someone who's able to handle themselves.

"It would really let her feel safe when she comes home on her own."

23/01/2005 11:11