Ozzy Osbourne's son JACK was brutally bullied at school because of his famous father.
The reality TV star, 23, admits it took him many years to realise his dad was an internationally renowned rock star - and when he did, the revelation made him an outsider.
Osbourne claims he was subsequently targeted by his mean classmates, who bullied him because of his celebrity roots.
He tells Kerrang radio, "It was strange. I did always know that my dad was famous, but I didn't understand what I think it meant at the time. I just thought that's what dads did, and then when I started going to school, you start realising that not all kids' dads do that. It definitely set me aside from the other kids, which I did have a hard time with initially.
"I remember kids saying stuff to me at school about it, but when you're a kid (you think) that's normal because you don't know anything else. I did get picked on quite a bit though. It wasn't like my dad was Chesney Hawkes and everyone loved him - my dad was Ozzy Osbourne and people loved to hate him!"