Ozzy Osbourne and his Black Sabbath bandmates used to wrap up their tours by seeking treatment for sexually transmitted diseases they might have contracted from groupies.
The Paranoid rocker admits he regularly visited a doctor for an injection before he went home to ensure he wouldn't pass any infections on to his steady partner.
But Osbourne admits he was often distracted by the hospital's pretty nurses, who he was too embarrassed to discuss his sexual health with.
In his health column for Britain's Sunday Times magazine, he writes, "Ah, the clap (gonorrhoea). I've seen more than a few cases of this during my career, and the only way to go is penicillin. When I was in Black Sabbath, me and the lads would check ourselves into the nearest emergency room at the end of every tour to get a jab.
"The only problem was, more often than not, the chick on the front desk at the hospital would be young and beautiful, and none of us wanted to say, 'I've been s**gging groupies in motels for the last two months, so how about a shot of penicillin to make sure the missus doesn't get what I've got?'...
"I'll never forget the sight of half a dozen headbangers, trousers down, bending over, their pale and spotty a**es ready for their jabs."