Ozzy Osbourne is apprehensive about his new fitness regime - insisting he's too impatient for Pilates.
The Black Sabbath hellraiser has decided to live life in the slow lane, and has embarked on a course of stretching and breathing exercises to slowly build up muscle tone.
But the rocker is already considering quitting - because he doesn't feel the same burn he does during vigorous gym sessions.
In his column for Britain's Sunday Times magazine, he writes, "I used to have this make-up artist who went on leave to have a baby. I saw her a year later, after she'd been doing a lot of yoga, and she looked amazing, all slim firm and healthy.
"I've just decided to do a course of Pilates for that very same reason. I'm not out of shape, but I want to avoid getting a big old gut on me. My only fear with these stretching-based things is that I won't have the patience. Usually, if I haven't worked up a sweat in the first three seconds, I'm off."