Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has urged his restless wife SHARON to settle down - because he's sick of constantly moving house.

The BLACK SABBATH star's family have packed up their belongings 27 times in 25 years to adhere to Osbourne's insatiable thirst for new surroundings.

But Ozzy - presently residing in the Beverly Hills home featured in their hit reality TV show THE OSBOURNES - has finally grown tired of the upheaval that comes with moving, and is begging Sharon to stop sifting through the property pages.

He says, "Do you know how many houses we've had? When we moved into this one, I said, 'Darling, can we let the paint dry before we move again?'"

However, Sharon has ignored Ozzy's plea - she already has her sights set on a new abode.

22/03/2005 13:40