Wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne amazed his future wife SHARON, when he transcended his drug-addled reputation and taught her the joys of loving sex.

Reality TV star Sharon maintains she never enjoyed sex until bedding Ozzy, and insists that despite his reputation for stunts including biting a live bat, he is a sensitive soul between the sheets.

Describing their first night together in her new autobiography Extreme, Sharon says, "God did we have a great night.

"We laughed, we made love, we had a big bubble bath together and then we went back to bed again.

"From our very first night together it was like: 'So this is what people mean.' Now I knew how good and how loving it could be. Everything that had gone before was nothing by comparison.

"He was so gentle and cuddly, and for the first time I felt able to be myself. This funny, crazy, clever man accepted me for who I was."