Paranoid rocker Ozzy Osbourne is so frightened of air travel he suffers a panic attack whenever he boards a plane.
The Black Sabbath frontman has battled drug and drink addictions throughout his life, and years of abuse have left him with irrational fears about flying.
The star's dark thoughts increase when he's preparing to take off, even though the rocker knows his worries aren't justified.
He says, "Being paranoid is a terrible way to live. Every so often when I get on a plane. I convince myself that it's doomed, and that everyone's gonna die. So I spend the whole 12 hours in the air sweating and trying to stop my heart jumping out of my ribcage, which is a total waste of time, because my panic attack ain't exactly gonna stop a bomb going off or the wing catching fire. I mean, I suppose you could argue that being a worrier makes you more likely to live longer, but if you're feeling paranoid 24 hours of the day, what's the point?"