Ozzy Osbourne is terrified for his son JACK because of the 23-year-old's unhealthy obsession with guns.
Jack Osbourne has a large collection of high-powered revolvers and the former Black Sabbath frontman fears his daredevil son, who has a history of substance abuse, will accidentally set off one of his many weapons.
And the rocker's concerns were intensified after Jack admitted he wouldn't hesitate to use deadly force if he felt he was in danger.
He says, "Jack is gun crazy. Over here you can buy real guns. I have this horrible thing: I can see this movie in my head where he's messing around and shoots himself in the foot.
"Sharon goes to me, 'Oh, darling he's been surrounded by guns all his life.' But there's a difference between an air rifle and a 45-calibre pistol.
"I said to Jack, 'If someone got into your house would you be willing to use the gun?' He said, 'Sure.'
"I said to him, 'You know what, Jack, when that burglar came into our house in England I had him in a headlock and the thought went though my head that okay, I could kill this guy but could I live with the fact that I took his life? No.
"What if I maimed the guy or pushed him out the window and broke his leg? All these scenarios went through my head."