Rock parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are plagued by the fear the decision to make their eponymous reality show contributed to children JACK and KELLY's drug problems.

The close-knit clan have been rocked by tragedy since The Osbournes first aired in 2001 - with both siblings checking into rehab, Sharon battling cancer and Ozzy nearly dying in a quad bike crash.

And feisty matriarch Sharon worries the heartache could have been prevented, if their lives had continued without the presence of MTV cameras.

She laments, "Still now, after three years, I'm saying, 'Should I have done this?'

"I mean, it's a hard thing to live with, but yet a great thing too. Whether you come from a celebrity family or not, you want to shield your children, but you can't.

"They have to learn by making their own mistakes, unfortunately. I'd love to put cotton walls all around them and protect them from everything, but you can't."

However, one positive has been drawn from the experience, the famously tempestuous relationship between Jack and Kelly has become stronger.

Sharon adds, "Jack has over a year of sobriety, so he's an expert right now. He's like, 'This is the way it's done.' And then Kelly tells him, 'Shut up! What do you know?'"

02/06/2004 09:22