Ozzy Osbourne will collapse and die on stage if the rocker's wife SHARON continues to work him so hard, her brother has claimed. David Arden, 56, has been estranged from his sister since their music mogul father, Don, died in July (07), when they fell out over funeral arrangements. He fears Sharon will continue to push the Black Sabbath star, 59, until he collapses on stage - because she needs Ozzy to fund her expensive shopping habit. He says, "I have known Ozzy since 1970. He is going to do 40 shows on the bounce (all at once), starting in mid-October and he's talking about a Black Sabbath tour after that. "I think he's worn out. When the cameras are off he just sits there quietly. Sharon will keep Ozzy on the road until he dies on stage. "Sharon needs him to work because of her exorbitant spending - although, in fairness to her, Ozzy wouldn't know what to do if he ever retired."