Ozzy Osbourne wants to give up reality TV so he can return to being "simple old Ozzy".

The former Black Sabbath frontman and his family have made a staggering $87.4 million (GBP46 million) plus $51.68 million (GBP27.2 million) in merchandising from their smash hit MTV show The Osbournes.

But Osbourne fears letting TV cameras into their lives has destroyed his rock credibility - and has vowed to make the fourth series the last one.

He says, "At the end of the day with The Osbournes, I f**king hated it.

"For all the money we have, the way we live, the cars we drive, the first-class travel we take, I'd gladly give it up just to be simple old Ozzy again.

"I probably shattered eight million dreams in one f**king airing."

14/02/2005 14:10