Ozzy Osbourne regrets his notoriety is largely responsible for the millions of solo records he sells.

The Black Sabbath wildman - who once famously bit the head off a bat while he was high on drink and drugs - is often frustrated by the constant interest in his legendary misbehaviour of the past, as opposed to his rock compositions.

And while he joyously celebrates his chart triumphs, Osbourne admits he'd like people to buy his albums because they're fans of the music.

He says, "When someone says you've jut sold a million albums in a month or whatever, you don't really care why, you're too busy out celebrating. It's only years later, when people are still going on about you biting the head off the f**king chicken (sic), you start to go, 'Hang on, is that really all there is to know about me?'"

08/05/2005 21:50