Ozzy Osbourne has poked fun at his reputation as a foul-mouthed rocker by appearing gagged in an advert for British charity TV event CHILDREN IN NEED.

The former BLACK SABBATH star is rendered silent by tape covering his mouth in the sketch, while his wife SHARON promises viewers Osbourne will raise funds by abstaining from swearing for 24 hours.

However, as soon as Sharon makes the pledge, Osbourne rips off the tape and is partially censored as he screams, "No swear f**king words? You've got to be f**king joking.

"I'm the Prince of Darkness - they expect me to f**king swear."

The BBC charity show - which calls on celebrities from all areas of entertainment to help raise money for sick or impoverished kids - will air live on TV screens in November (04).

22/09/2004 02:15