LATEST: The police force at the centre of the Ozzy Osbourne sting operation in North Dakota is helping a U.S. charity profit from their undercover arrest plan. Fargo sheriff Paul D. Laney and his team sent out bogus invites to 40 rock fans on their state wanted list, asking them to join Osbourne and touring partner Rob Zombie for a drink before the pair's city show last month (Oct07). But, instead of meeting the rock stars, those who attended the 'meet-and-greet' - mainly deadbeat dads and custody dodgers - met police officers, who handcuffed them. During the operation, the cops wore "security" tees featuring a festive Halloween skull, and the image of a sheriff's badge star could be seen in its right eye socket. And Laney admits there is a massive demand for the replica shirts - which are being sold online to benefit charity organisation United Way. He tells, "The T-shirt just became the image and look of what happened with that event, and people wanted one. "Initially we weren't going to do anything with it, but as I thought about it, I thought, 'Hey, what a way to give back to the community through something that happened - something positive.' So we'll give (every) penny raised to the United Way." United Way works to improve lives by mobilising the caring power of communities.