Ozzy Osbourne's son JACK has returned to the rehab centre where he kicked his addiction to painkillers - to film a new news special.
The reality TV star revisited his home from home at Visions Adolescent Treatment Center in Malibu, California with cameramen from U.S. show Access Hollywood to tape a segment about his recovery, which aired in America on Thursday (19Mar09).
Jack Osbourne admits he was full of "pain and sadness" and "suicidal thoughts" before he checked into rehab to address his "problems with pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana and alcohol" seven years ago (02) - when he was just 16.
The TV star admits he knew he had a serious problem when his mum Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 - and he struggled to cope.
He explains, "When things were getting bad it was when my mum was really sick with cancer... It was chaos."
Osbourne insists the rehab centre, where he spent almost 50 days, was the perfect place for him, revealing, "It's kinda homely... You don't feel like you're in some sterile hospital.
"You spent very little time in your bedrooms."
He recalls studying at Visions, which houses just 10 troubled teens at a time, and attending equestrian therapy at a nearby ranch to help him deal with trust issues.
Osbourne was not allowed to use phones for the first week and had to be under the supervision of a staff member at all times - but he understands why the strict rules had to be applied: "Why should a drug addict be rewarded with such issues."
He admits he still longs for "a beer" when he's out with friends, but has never slipped up because he doesn't want to slide back into bad habits.