Ozzy Osbourne has pledged to keep his touring rock festival Ozzfest going for another year after insisting this summer's (07) trek would be his last. But he has upset fans of heavy rock supergroup Black Sabbath by revealing talk of a grand reunion for Ozzfest '08 is just that - all talk. Instead, Osbourne will headline the festival solo again. The rocker has now performed at every Ozzfest since the tour's 1996 inception. Speaking during a tele-conference promoting his upcoming tour with Rob Zombie, Osbourne said, "Oh yeah!" when reporters asked if he'd be part of a 2008 Ozzfest. The revelation comes a week after the brother of Osbourne's manager wife Sharon told the British media he feared Ozzy is "worn out" and that his sister would "keep Ozzy on the road until ... he dies onstage". But Ozzy says, "Sharon does not get involved in telling me about working... My wife can't make me do anything I don't want to do." As for the speculation about a Black Sabbath reunion, the rocker says, "I'm the last person to be told anything... I'd love to do another Black Sabbath album... There are a bunch of things written. "But the problem I'm having is it's got to be at least on the same level as when we departed. If it's not, then what's the point in doing it?"