Reformed wildman Ozzy Osbourne has offered to help troubled rocker Pete Doherty kick his drug addictions. Osbourne, who once had his own well-publicised drug problem, would be pleased to let Babyshambles frontman Doherty stay with him and his wife SHARON to clean up. Osbourne says, "I've been to the pits of hell with addiction and although it's f**king me off to see him f**king up his life, I'd help him in a minute if he asked. "Sharon was a rock to me and if he came to stay with us, she'd sort him. "Why the f**k isn't anyone helping the boy? It's not entertaining to watch." Doherty, who previously romanced supermodel Kate Moss, was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car and possessing hard drugs on Monday (27FEB06). In January (06), he spent 13 nights in prison and was last month (FEB06) ordered to attend a rehabilitation programme following a conviction on seven drug counts. At that hearing, the judge warned he could face further time behind bars should he break his community service order.