Ozzy Osbourne has applauded his wife SHARON's shrewd delay of her tsunami charity single - because it will serve as a much-needed financial boost when interest in the tragedy wanes.

Rock matriarch Sharon enlisted a host of stars - including SIR Elton John, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Gwen Stefani and VELVET REVOLVER - to record a cover of Eric Clapton's moving tune TEARS IN HEAVEN to benefit survivors of the 26 December (04) tidal wave in the Indian Ocean.

And while Ozzy initially pleaded with his wife to release the song sooner, he's come to understand her decision to hold back its available on record store shelves.

He says, "I said to Sharon, 'That record needed to go out yesterday.' But what she's doing is quite clever. Because the initial impact of the tsunami, right, everyone went, 'Oh my god what a terrible thing,' because it was a major disaster.

"But then - people forget! So this will remind them. This record isn't going to be out for another eight f**king weeks."

25/02/2005 17:47