Ozzy Osbourne has instructed his wife SHARON to "pull the plug" on him if he ever falls into a coma - because he wouldn't want to live in a vegetative state.
The former Black Sabbath rocker has called his survival into his 60s a "medical miracle" after years of hard partying and a near-fatal quad bike accident in 2003.
But the 61 year old admits he would want his partner to turn off his life support system if he ever suffered extreme brain damage and could no longer care for himself.
In his health column for Britain's Sunday Times magazine, he writes, "I've always told Sharon, 'If I become one of my vegetables (sic), you have my permission to pull the plug.' People say that's going against God, but being a doctor is going against God, isn't it? If you've got a headache, it ain't God who reaches down and gives you the aspirin."
Osbourne reveals he agrees with euthanasia activist Dr. Jack Kevorkian's controversial practices - but thinks strict regulations need to be established before doctors can commit 'mercy killings'.
He adds, "To a certain degree, I can understand Kevorkian when he says doctors should be able to help their patients top themselves. But knowing America the way I do, if it became legal, someone would end up doing a deal: y'know, 'If you pop my nan, I'll give you 25 per cent of the inheritance' kind of thing. There are certain doctors over here - anywhere, probably - who'd kill you for 10 grand. Then you'd have aged relatives who'd feel pressured into taking the death juice 'cause they wouldn't want to be a burden. So I'd want there to be some kind of process, not just squeeze-this-trigger-and-you're-gone, see ya."