Rock wildman Ozzy Osbourne is set for a showdown with his TV fantasy woman ANNE ROBINSON - on high-pressure quiz show THE WEAKEST LINK.

The former BLACK SABBATH star - who admits Robinson's stern manner arouses him - is teaming up with his wife SHARON on the British programme, where contestants face a gruelling stream of general knowledge questions from the judgemental host.

Osbourne, 55, has previously confessed of his fascination with 59-year-old Robinson, "I like the strictness. It turns me on."

A TV insider tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Ozzy speaks so slowly it'll probably take him ten minutes to answer a question. And Sharon will probably slap him if he tries anything on with Anne."

The show is scheduled to air on British network BBC2 in November (04).

08/09/2004 02:11