Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack Osbourne is so fed up with pop singer-turned-reality TV star Aaron Carter he would "gladly kick the s**t out of" him. The 20-year-old loathes Carter's US television show HOUSE OF CARTERS, and takes particular offence at his pretending to be black. He says, "I would gladly kick the s**t out of Aaron Carter. "He's this skinny little white guy from Florida who acts like a big shot, black hip-hop guy from Compton (in Los Angeles). "There's loads of footage on the show of him screaming his head of at his manager, and I can honestly say that I've never seen such an irritating little b**tard. "I'd gladly get into the whole cage-rage s**t with him and just scream at him over and over again, 'You are not black!' I might even bitch-slap him a bit as well."